Excel (XLSX) to HTML Table Converter Tool

This tool will output an html table enclosed in a div.
Use this tool to output html data you can paste into an html editor.
In the CSS Classes section, multiple css classes can be entered, just be sure to separate them by a space as you would in pure html.
Bootstrap 4 classes are available on this site.

Choose a file:

Table Options

Use First Row as Headers?:

Div ID (optional):

Table ID (optional):

<div> classes:

<table> classes

Column Options:

ALL boxes below are OPTIONAL!
Input the column letter / number seperated by a comma: Example A,B,C,1,2,3,AA would correspond to those columns in an excel workbook.
If your first row is a header row make sure you have that selected otherwise you will receive an error when you try and convert.
Date Only Columns:

Date custom class Name:

Time Only Columns:

Time custom class Name:

Currency Cols (2 decimals):

Currency Cols (0 decimals):

Currency custom class Name:

Percentage (%) Cols:

{%) custom class Name:

Use Ctrl + A to select everything in the textbox and Ctrl + C to copy the HTML so you can paste it in another editor.

Sample Render of Table